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Easy Peasy Gorgeousness July 31, 2009

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Toss flowers cut straight from the garden into a ball jar filled with water. Choose a color palette that contrasts or complements, textures that are bold and fluffy. Mix it up. Don’t be shy; gorgeousness will shine.

July 2009 103


Added Touches July 31, 2009

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Thanks to a generous gift from Loop Events we’ve added some light hearted & rustic furnishings to our garden. Useful and cute, how can one resist?

July 2009 067 July 2009 083

Red Walls Make a Beautiful Backdrop July 29, 2009

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Yesterday in our (parking) Lot Garden: Emily, from Boxwood Olive, gardens, the new red wall of the neighboring car repair shop brightens, and the flowers shine.

July 2009 013

Fragrance in Sonoma July 29, 2009

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Sneak Peak at a Summer in Calistoga Wedding:
Sweet couple, lovely wedding, delightful setting, almost edible & positively fragrant arrangements.

Organic Kumquats, flowers from our garden on the Miette cake, blossoming Peonies in her bridal bouquet, giant moss balls…
Wonderful Day. 

Garden Flowers Wrapped in Dried Vines Kathy liu 24

Garden Roses, Lavender, and Kumquats wrapped in dried vine vases

kathy liu 026 kathy liu 027

Flowers on Cake: Geranium, Lavender, and Roses organically grown in Lila B.’s (parking) Lot Garden.

From the ‘Lot’ July 29, 2009

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Flowers from our parking lot garden mixed in with flower market beauties…

Enjoyed by event attendees hosted by TBA Global at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco…

TBA Global Centerpieces

Playshop Anyone? July 28, 2009

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Lila B. hosted our first Playshop…yes — NO WORKshop — just a PLAYshop.

Armed with loads of potatoes, paints, brayers, rubber cement, fabric, and some creative courage we began with an artistic exercise. Afterloosening up and stirring up our creative spirit we began free-play hour for the decoration of our own inspiration book & tote bag.

 Wow, I’m still impressed with what everyone created collectively and individually. As you can see from the photos – we had some fun.

 If you’re interested in feeling like your 7 again, sharing some giggles, color, and or a stirring up your creative juices – let me know (Baylor@lilabdesign.com). We’ll be hosting more of these…and boy, they’re good for the soul.