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Eye on the Bay… and Eye on Us- Adorning Cavallo Point for Channel 5 March 29, 2010

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CBS Channel 5’s television style team at Eye on the Bay recently featured the historic lodge at Cavallo Point for a set of interviews… and we were invited to set the stage.

We took to the assignment with zest, assembling a combination of ranunculus, hellebore’s, freshly blooming western red-bud to inspire and complement conversation.

As floral stylists, we consider the mood that an arrangement will set during an event.  Sometimes we want it to make statement, and other times we want it to inspire others to speak.

Tune in on Channel 5 on Monday May 17th at 7 pm see just how we decided to complement the history and beauty at Cavallo Point with some fun Spring floral arrangements.


Acknowledgement: Mission Neighborhood Resource Center for the Homeless March 19, 2010

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Awesome work deserves acknowledgment.  Since our favorite way to say “thank you” is with flowers at Lila B. Design… we have started a floral-gifting campaign to show our thanks to organizations doing great things in our neighborhood.

First up: Mission Neighborhood Resource Center for the Homeless.  The center was started in 2001 with the goal to provide free services addressing the physical, social, emotional, and economic health of homeless residents in the neighborhood.  There is a medical clinic in addition to drop-in services such as laundry, showers, snacks, and counseling. 

It is incredible the breadth and the impact this center has on the community and we delighted in contributing some vibrant ranunculus bouquets to their cause.

You can support the work of the Center with your donations here… And when in doubt, show your appreciation with flowers!

Hand-Dyed in the Headlands March 2, 2010

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Just north of San Francisco in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area, you will find the Headlands Center for the Arts.  Why is this one of our favorite places?  The Headlands has both public programs and artist residencies that work to “build understanding and appreciation for the role of art in society.” As if that was not enough the Headlands is housed in nine historic, 1907-era military buildings that have been renovated through commissions to artists such as Ann Hamilton and David Ireland.  Truth be told, we are smitten and this is one of our favorite places to adorn with local botanicals.

Hand-Dyed in the Headlands

Last weekend,  we filled blue, hand-dyed ball jars with giant peachy-orange ranuculas and anenomes from San Diego and sweet peas from our San Francisco lot garden and brought them up to the Headlands for a really special winter wedding.

“Hand-dyed,”you ask?  Yes indeed.  You can learn more about it here and while we admit that the process can be time-consuming, the results are ever so pretty and perfect for showcasing your fresh spring blossoms.