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Watch this Fall on PBS: Growing a Greener World October 11, 2011

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Recently we had the amazing opportunity to work with some of the folks behind Growing a Greener World, an inspirational series on PBS.  Each episode shares a story of how people, places and companies are using gardening and green practices to promote environmental stewardship and explores how viewers can employ these practices themselves.

The stellar crew visited our Lila B. studio, the owner, Baylor’s, deck, and our {parking} lot garden for an episode that airs this Fall. The hot topic: small space gardening.  Check out your local PBS station for forthcoming air times, but for now you can see it online.

We worked with Host Joe Lamp’l, Associate Producer Theresa Loe, and Chef Nathan Lyon.  Joe Lamp’l is (as you might have guessed) the knowledgeable and charming ‘Joe’ from Joe Gardener, so you can expect to have fun AND learn something valuable.  Nathan Lyon takes food from the gardens visited on the show and demonstrates how to cook something wonderful with the ingredients.  And… if you are wondering if he is as funny in person as he is onscreen, our answer is absolutely!  With Theresa Loe (incredible urban homesteader and gardening maven) producing, episodes are power-packed, sharing the newest, most exciting news from the sustainable gardening frontier.

They were introduced to our work by authors of a great book on vertical gardening we recommend by Susan Morrison and Rebecca Sweet called Garden Up!.  Susan and Rebecca are California-based writers and garden designers that are always looking for new and exciting ways to think about space and integrating the classic garden with regionally appropriate plants. They begin the episode and provide insight and tips for any person with a will to grow.

We had a great time working with everyone and we know you will really enjoy the episode.  See the slideshow for behind the scene photos and tune in for Growing a Greener World!


Garden Up! and Garden Anywhere! March 21, 2011

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TWO new fabulous publications ~ and inside ~ you’ll see a unique example of Lila B’s unique vertical gardening. Both on newsstands now!

Garden Up! by Susan Morrison and Rebecca Sweet. Available at your local bookstore and Amazon.

Garden Anywhere! by Sunset Magazine. On stands from now until June. Grab your copies now for loads – o – inspiration!

For hands on workshops check out Lila B’s upcoming April classes on hip terrarium making, rustic floral arranging, and urban vertical gardens.

Back in the Studio: Jazzed about Winter September 10, 2010

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What?!?  Winter?!?  Before you shake a treasured last day of summer blossom in our direction… let us explain!  It is true, we are a little stuck on winter in the studio at the moment, because it is the focus for our latest collaborative venture with some of our favorites.
Who you ask?  Well… as you might recall we are helping to create improvisational still life and living portraits of the four seasons with a very talented team of creatives.

Using jazz as our point of departure, we played with a pair of forgotten champagne glasses in the still life and a stunning model named Alexis who was brave enough to allow us to adorn her flaxen hair cotton pods and a wee mouse.

Perhaps the longer days of Summer provide the most befitting moments to contemplate winter?  What do you think?

Watch the Behind the Scenes of Seasons
from Josh Semolik
on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for photographs to come. In the meantime, enjoy our documentary. Lila B. Design is most psyched to get jazzed about winter with Holly Stewart Photography, Make Up Artist Dawn Sutti, and Filmmaker Josh Semolik.

City-Living: Inspiration for BobVila.com April 15, 2010

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Are you a city-dweller with a penchant for re-purposing and greening your environs?  Do you have limited space and a modest budget?  Well friends, Bob Vila has you covered and in this weeks inspiration gallery by Hillary Geronemus you can glean some techniques from our very own Lila B.Design.
Highlights include an exciting take on the vertical succulent garden and a fanciful living roof for your best friend- all from locally re-purposed materials from places like Building REsources!  Okay… so while the country may always have more plants, as long as we have a hand in things- our cities will be greener! 

Eye on the Bay… and Eye on Us- Adorning Cavallo Point for Channel 5 March 29, 2010

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CBS Channel 5’s television style team at Eye on the Bay recently featured the historic lodge at Cavallo Point for a set of interviews… and we were invited to set the stage.

We took to the assignment with zest, assembling a combination of ranunculus, hellebore’s, freshly blooming western red-bud to inspire and complement conversation.

As floral stylists, we consider the mood that an arrangement will set during an event.  Sometimes we want it to make statement, and other times we want it to inspire others to speak.

Tune in on Channel 5 on Monday May 17th at 7 pm see just how we decided to complement the history and beauty at Cavallo Point with some fun Spring floral arrangements.

A Feast for your Eyes December 3, 2009

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San Francisco Chronicle
November 29, 2009
Sunday Home & Garden Feature
5 feasts for the eyes
Tabletop inspiration from the talent behind S.F.’s Dining by Design

Designer Gil Mendez collaborates with Murray’s Iron Works, Anthem, and Lila B. to create a San Miquel de Allende inspired dining room.

In featured feast #4, Lila B. creates a ‘fresh take on
traditional centerpieces’ and writer Anh-Minh Le offers it up as an ‘idea to steal’.
{read more}

photos by www.macdonaldphoto.com

Art with Nature’s Oddities and RePurposing with Lila B. November 19, 2009

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San Francisco Chronicle
November 1, 2009 
Chantal Lamers
Sunday Home & Garden Feature
Art from nature’s oddities
Unexpected displays bring rooms to life


Baylor Chapman’s San Francisco home isn’t about formal floral centerpieces or huge houseplants. For the sought-after designer, known for sustainable gardens and floral arrangements, home is about personal touches, repurposing materials and using nature’s knickknacks to their utmost potential.

{read more}

Daily Candy and a Pot of Gold September 10, 2009

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From September 8th’s Daily Candy

September 8, 2009

Pots of Gold

Lila B. Design Garden Design

They say you shouldn’t sweat the small stuff.

But when your pad is the size of a postage stamp, that’s pretty much all you can do.

Baylor Chapman of Lila B. Design is a double threat for perspiring apartment-dwellers. She delivers gorgeous floral arrangements and can transform even the smallest space into a living, breathing work of art.

Chapman’s bouquets win raves for their sustainability (she sources buds from a roof garden in the Mission or a shared Dogpatch lot). And the former UC Berkeley garden design student works wonders with patios, flower boxes, balconies, and pots — filling them with succulents and perennials for an organic, natural result. She’ll even incorporate food, like an eggplant or tomato plant, for a touch of edible beauty.

Trust us: She’s kind of a big deal.

{read more}

Local Food? Why not Local Flowers? September 7, 2009

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August 2009
You Do Locally Grown Food, Why Not Locally Grown Flowers?

Locavores may be adamant about only buying food from nearby farmers, but when the dining table is dressed with flowers flown in from South America the point is kind of lost, no? Enter Lila B. Design, a San Francisco floral design company cultivating “City Grown” flowers for their bouquets. {read more}

Check out Lily Gahagan’s article for San Francisco’s 7×7 about how locavores may indeed dig Lila B’s City Grown flowers.

Magical Yosemite Wedding Hits the Stands May 25, 2009

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Yosemite Wedding & Lila B. flowers in
Brides Northern California

Spring/summer issue on newsstands now.
Cheers to Meg & Adam on their nuptials (and marvelously fun & cool celebration!).